Importing American Cars


Importing American cars: our experience.

Every Customer would like to find a serious and reliable partner in the field of ‘ importing American Classic cars. How to recognize a true professional?

The indispensable qualities

  1. The ‘experience in the specific field
  2. The ‘territorial reach of its on-site collaborators.
  3. The ability to quickly perform job order searches
  4. Technical knowledge of every problem involving the restoration and spare parts of every model on site
  5. The ‘bureaucratic process to be followed to safely export
  6. The ability to solve every possible problem, whether mechanical or during ‘approval

Why choose Kustomsignature

We have been importing Vintage American Cars of every make and model from the United States for more than 10 years. Our collaborators cover North America from the East Coast to the West Coast. We also have a scouting network in Central America to expand the ‘offer. We have performed dozens of contract searches that have always been successful.

Our in-house custom restoration and kustomization workshop ensures our expertise on predicting and solving any technical problems that may arise. Our logistics network allows for in-house transportation in our own warehouses, loading and ‘packing in containers, unloading at our operational headquarters in Italy and related delivery. In case of minor retouching of bodywork and mechanical parts before ‘homologation you will not have to look for other suppliers avoiding additional expensive transportation in Italy.

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