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The devil hides in details is our motto. No Resoration of Vintage American Cars is the same.  Every model is UNIQUE.

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American Car Restoration

We are specialists in American Car Restoration. Passion, obsessive attention to detail, great experience of our Team, are the qualities that guarantee the Client the best possible result.

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We don't do a little bit of everything. We are an American Classic Car Workshop optimized for performing restorations and customizations of American Classic Cars. Our skills and expertise are focused in this specific area.


Quality and Efficiency

Our strength: a single provider who takes care of everything. The certainty of a job in a workmanlike manner. With us, the Restoration of your American Machine becomes a masterpiece . The satisfied customers and Fans who follow us speak for us.

If you’re a car enthusiast, you probably have a soft spot for iconic American cars. Chevy, Ford, Cadillac and many other American brands have shaped the automotive industry with their iconic models and powerful performance. But what happens when these classic cars deteriorate over the years? That’s where the restoration of American cars comes in.

The restoration of American cars is a detailed process that aims to bring back to life the beautiful examples of classic cars made in the USA. This industry has evolved considerably over the years, thanks to the skill and dedication of experienced restorers who love these cars as much as their owners. The goal of the restoration is to preserve the authenticity and original charm of American cars while renewing damaged or worn parts.

A fundamental aspect of the restoration of American cars is the careful research of the original spare parts. Classic car enthusiasts know how important it is to maintain the authenticity of the car during the restoration process. Thanks to the increasing availability of original or high-quality spare parts, restorers can restore American cars with extraordinary precision and fidelity.

During the restoration process, several stages are taken into account. First, the car is disassembled to assess its status and identify parts that require repair or replacement. Damaged or missing components are then repaired or replaced with original parts. It is important to stress that the goal is always to preserve the authenticity of the car, trying to keep the original parts as much as possible.



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Kustom Signature American Auto Restorations offers:

Import, documentation, approval
Repairs and adjustments
Complete restoration to the original
Complete customization in agreement with the customer
Search, sale and assembly of original spare parts
Interventions on machines worked by others for dissatisfied customers
Comprehensive advice from import to road construction

We like to work in Team, find new solutions, listen to the customer, talk to solve problems.
We do not use third parties for partial machining. We will be your sole supplier.

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